Braces are no longer the only option for straighter teeth. For the busy working parent or the teen with after school activities, Invisalign is the clear competitor to traditional braces. We believe in picking the best option for you, or your child's individual case. Johnsonlink Orthodontics is a big fan of Invisalign, you can click here to find out why. You will also be able to read more about Invisalign to see if it is the best tool for you to complete your orthodontic care.

If you are currently in treatment or thinking about starting treatment click here to learn more about the various parts of your treatment plan. Find out about separators, bitejumpers, expanders, elastics, and other common appliances and accessories that work together to get you to your goal of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Occlusion (bites)

There are many different kinds of malocclusions, or bad bites, and even more ways to correct them. If you have been in an orthodontic office before you may have heard terms like "overbite", "underbite", and "crossbite". Find out what these, and other bite classifications mean and why they should be corrected.

More to Come...

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