Johnsonlink Orthodontics Smile Scholarship


It's a different kind of scholarship

Have you heard about the Johnsonlink Orthodontics S.M.I.L.E. scholarship? Every year Johnsonlink Orthodontics gives $500 and $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors in the Kitsap and surrounding school districts who have shown an ability to overcome obstacles and improve their academic standing. This is a very different kind of scholarship. It is a second chance for those who may not have started on the right foot, but who have pulled themselves up and turned their lives around. To those students who have shown true grit and perseverance through tough times, we salute you. Please read the requirements for the S.M.I.L.E. scholarship below, and good luck in all your endeavors.



  • S.M.I.L.E. stands for Students (high school seniors) who show a desire to Mentor others, have shown a significant Improvement in their academics, have a Life story that includes overcoming adversity, and who have a plan for Education after high school. 




  • Personal information: On a separate sheet, please provide the following (type-written) information:

    • Name, address, phone, email address

    • High School

    • Intended college and degree, or vocational/technical training

    • List of activities, community service participation (9th – 12th grade)

    • Awards and honors (9th – 12th grade)

    • Work experience (9th – 12th grade)


  • S. M. I. L. E. essay (typewritten, 500 words) explaining how you meet the SMILE criteria:

    • Student – Graduating seniors from any Kitsap Peninsula high school are eligible for this scholarship.

    • Mentor – Explain how you intend to use this scholarship to prepare yourself to give back to the community in the future.

    • Improvement – Just as orthodontics takes the imperfect and creates something beautiful, this scholarship is for the student who has demonstrated hard work and has raised their academic performance over the course of their high school career.  

    • Life Story – What challenges have you overcome to be where you are today? How has your life impacted what your goals are for the future?

    • Education – What is next for you? Do you plan to attend a four year college? Are you interested in vocational or technical training?

    • Why you feel you deserve this scholarship.



    • Two letters of recommendation from either a counselor, teacher, coach, clergy or employer

    • Transcript and SAT/ACT scores

    • Finalists will be scheduled for an interview with Dr. Johnson or Dr. Lingenbrink





  • Deadline is Friday, April 17th, 2020.

  • Submit all application materials in a sealed manila envelope and mail to Johnsonlink Orthodontics, Attn: Brittany Warner / Scholarship application.

Document Downloads

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S.M.I.L.E. scholarship flier PDF.